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Papenoo Valley, Tahiti     

Trip Day Sixteen: Sunday, October 7, 2007     

Papenoo Valley Water Crossing


Locals Play At The River
Folks were out in every sort of conveyance on this Sunday afternoon. We saw not a few motorbikes and motorcycles on the road, but pickups seemed to be the vehicle of choice. Many went down the highways with their families riding in the bed of the pickup. I wonder if there are some dunes somewhere for this dune buggy-like vehicle to show its stuff.

This water crossing is strictly oneway. Traffic in the other direction takes the bridge.

Our neighbor pokes a camera at them

and we all share a big laugh while the kids look on.

About 15 minutes after the water crossing that we arrived at Papenoo Beach.
This time we stopped and got out of LeTruck.

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