Antarctic Waters

Adelie Penguins In Lemaire Channel

Day 13: Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Adelie Penguin Colony

These penguins picked a barren spot well up the slope from the sea where they must go to find food. Represented by just a speck, one lonely fellow is traveling downtown (or perhaps uptown) from his home group in a suburb nestled on the slope below. The only way to get there is to trudge through the snow.

Main Colony and a Nearby Suburb

The constant traveling between town on the left and suburb have worn a track in the show.

Snow Slide

Those who live in the main colony can get to the grocery store the easy way — they slide down the mountain, and frequently. The two gray specks to the left of the slide about half-way down the hill, are two country cousins trudging down the hill through the snow. There, but invisible to the camera were lots of adults coming and going to the sea, and babies waiting to be fed, on the rocks along the shore near the slide.

This glacier is about ready to calve.

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