Antarctic Waters

Palmer Station,
Anvers Island

Day 14: Thursday, January 17, 2002

Thursday, January 17, 2002

8:00 am Anvers Island and Palmer Station
Palmer Station Briefing
Antarctica Lecture "Penguins" with Dr. Bernard Stonehouse

At 7:00 am we lay off Palmer Station, on the southern coast of Anvers Island, in a picturesque corner with early sunshine lighting the backdrop of mountains and glaciers. At 8:00 am we moved through a group of isands toward the station. A party of six scientists and administrators spent the morning aboard, reporting on the US Antarctic program and biological and other scientific work of the station. The ms Ryndam sailed at 1:15 pm, heading westward into a developing storm, and north toward Cape Horn.

7:25 AM Anvers Island

The harbor at Palmer Station is protected from the violent west winds of the Drake Passage and the currents of the open sea. But as we look around we see low rocks and shoals everywhere! What a nightmare to navigate to the little peninsula that holds the Palmer Research Station.

Could that be a tiny blue spot in clouds?

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