Antarctic Waters

Palmer Station
and Anvers Island

Day 14: Thursday, January 17, 2002

9:22 AM: They gave us a program.

Photo by Dan & Barbara O'Brien

Photo by Dan & Barbara O'Brien

Several of the Palmer research scientists came aboard and gave us a slide show about Antarctica and the three U.S. research stations there: McMurdo, South Pole, and the smallest, Palmer. The slide pictured at the top of this page shows an aerial view of the station site.

Photo by Dan & Barbara O'Brien

Some of the Palmer team hold the Holland America tote bags bearing gifts to them from the captain. The captain also treated the them to a sumptious luncheon, so we hope they felt their time was well spent.

The Scientific Dingy Awaits

There were too many of us to be invited ashore for a tour. The largest groups they can handle are about a hundred or so. Then they only let twelve groups a year come to the station because they interrupt the scientific work. But the group did very kindly come aboard and give two presentations so that all could attend.

They said they were evaluating whether they could repeat their presentation for other large ships that may come into the area. We know the Ryndam will want to come back on their return trip in a couple of weeks.

Closer view of Palmer Station

Not shown here, but we did see some of the scientists who climbed the glacier behind the station to get a better look at our ship, a curiosity in these parts.

There's a penguin colony here.

A Closer Look

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