Buenos Aires, Argentina

City Tour: Plaza de Mayo

Day 7: Wednesday, January 10, 2002

Ready For The Demonstrators

Argentina had in recent weeks undergone political upheaval because the country was defaulting on foreign loans in the amount of approximately $418 billion. By the time we visited, they had had 5 presidents in something like 10 days time. The Argentine peso had been devalued, and people could only draw $250 per week from the bank. The people were rioting in the streets. They had lost their savings, and couldn't get enough money to live on, regardless of the amount of their wages. If I were an Argentine, I'd be rioting with them.

Actually rioting seems a misnomer. Demonstrating would probably be a more accurate description of the actions. We saw no evidence of any damage caused by the crowds.

The barrier fencing was not enforced while we were in the plaza.
We easily circumvented them by walking on the sidewalk.

TV Ready For Action

We had wondered about the safety of coming into Buenos Aires, and here we were right where the riots had been happening! All was quiet while we were at Plaza de Mayo, however.

Around the Corner

Back on the bus,
and leaving Plaza de Mayo,
we couldn't help noticing
all the police cars
parked on the side street.

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