Buenos Aires, Argentina

City Tour: Italian Neighborhood

Day 7: Wednesday, January 10, 2002

The Neighborhood

This was such a wonderful stop, I just wish we could have stayed longer.
This was a rest stop, and we used restrooms in a little store across form the Tee Shirt store illustrated in the center above. The facilities were so brightly painted that I took pictures. Unfortunately the light was too dim for them to come out. All of walls, trim, and fixtures were in different bright primary colors.
What fun. This was the most colorful place I had ever been!

Scenes Of The Port Of Buenos Aires

Great Paintings For Little More Than A Song

Some Live In Works Of Art.

Perhaps a little more elegant than some houses in this now popular neighborhood, these houses are painted in the customary manner, i.e. a myriad of bright colors. This painting style started as a creative way for poor immigrants to keep their houses painted. They couldn't afford to buy paint, so they would go down to the harbor and beg paint scraps left over from painting the fishing boats. They brought home a variety of colors. The used the boat pigments to paint their houses much like artists use their pallets. The smaller the paint samples acquired, the more colors required to paint the house.

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