Buenos Aires, Argentina

Day 7: Wednesday, January 10, 2002

We were back on ms Ryndam in time for lunch.

1:20 PM: We watch as Celebrity's ms Mercury pulls away from the dock.

What's Going On Here?

We left the beautiful city of Buenos Aires on schedule, at 4 PM. It's now 4:42 PM and we're sailing east on Rio de la Plata. Owen's on our balcony getting our position from the satelites on our Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. He has his hand out to be sure that the GPS in oriented to our direction of travel so he can get our heading — that's the exact direction on the compass that the ship is heading.

The estuary, this far west, carries the soil from the center of the South American continent. I don't think going to the beach is a big thing in Buenos Aires.

We're heading south into the sub-antarctic climate. The crew will change into their winter uniforms on Saturday, the day before we arrive at Port Stanley.

Our next port-of-call is Port Stanley, Falkland Islands.

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