Ushuaia, Argentina

Beagle Channel

Day 16: Saturday, January 19, 2002


They have just been putting along on the way back to town.
It's 11 minutes after 12, and we're supposed to leave at 1 PM.
They won't go off and leave us, but we'll be late. Never mind the rule,
all aboard 30 minutes before sailing time.

It's 1:07 PM, and there's the Ushuaia Airport.

We did just make it aboard at sailing time.
We did wish we had time to see this charming little southernmost city in the world.

Orient Lines' Marco Polo

We caught a glimple of her when she went around a corner in Antarctica three days ago. This ship does regular cruises in Antarctica, and you board in Ushuaia. Orient Lines pioneered sailings to Antarctica several years ago. Marco Polo was built as a Russian ice breaker in the mid sixties. For the Antarctica cruises, she is equipped with zodiacs, and even a helicopter!
It was probably their Antarctica brochure several years ago
that first interested us in this itinerary.

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