Iguazú Falls


Day 6: Tuesday, January 9, 2002

2:04 PM: There's our first glimpse of the falls!

These are one of the three greatest falls in the world.
Although the Iguazú Falls drop in two steps, from top to bottom they are taller than the Niagara Falls in North America, and they are wider than Victoria Falls in Africa. Arguably, they are the most beautiful of the three.

A Bathing Beach!

This spot in the left foreground is out of the swift current and a good spot for some water fun. There are boat trips available on the river. That flat-topped rock near the left edge of the beach is probably the jet boat that deposited them there.

Tourists Pose With Beautiful Background.

2:17 PM: We've worked our way along the path to get to this vantage point.
It will be a while before the falls wear away this part of the second level.

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