Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Corcovado Mountain

Day 2: Saturday, January 5, 2002

Cog Railway Ticket

You wait in long lines to board the train. You can drive most of the way if you want to sit in the traffic jam that requires an even longer wait. This place is very popular with tourists and locals. When you see pictures of the views afforded from the top you will understand why.

This was January 5th, high summer, and the seasonwise equivalant of July 5th in the Northern Hemisphere.

This is one of the first view points you see after disembarking the train.
Those with weak knees may not want to finish the trip to the top. Our knees were sore for three weeks after making the climb!

The JCB Hipodrome Race Track looms in the middleground
and Sugar Loaf Mountain sits in the background.

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