To Torres del Paine

On The Road

Day 17: Sunday, January 20, 2002

The Foothills

The foothill area looks considerably more hospitable than the area near Puerto Natales.
There is a slight banding across some of the pictures. This was caused because most of the pictures were taken from the moving bus. These was a bit of reflection in the bus window through which the picture was taken.

This scene was cropped from a picture taken through the window across the bus, that included the bus window and the person sitting next to it.

Often, the best scenery is on the other side of the bus.

9:59 AM: Lupins on the Range

Known to Texans as Blue Bonnets, lupins grow wild in this area.
They have also domesticated them. We saw lumins in all colors on the highway between Punta Arenas and the airport.

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