Chilean Fjords

Amalia Glacier

Day 18: Monday, January 21, 2002

The Face Of Amalia

These pictures of the glacier face gives an idea of how thick this ice really is. I believe it is at least as tall as the ship, which is twelve stories above the waterline.

Bergy Bit

This little bit of ice looks clean and pure, doesn't it?

It came from somewhere in here.

We visited the glacier for over an hour. And the lighting changed dramatically while we were there. Very soon after we arrived, the clouds closed in so tight we almost couldn't see the glacier at all. This picture was taken looking out Amalia Bay toward the canal. After we were there for a while, the captain rotated the ship to give the people on the other side a close-up view — just like they do in Glacier Bay, Alaska.

Here's almost the same view 40 minutes later.

Photo by Dan & Barbara O'Brien

Meanwhile, the tender was busy looking for just the right ice cube for our drinks.

Photo by Dan & Barbara O'Brien

Here's what they brought back.
I'll have mine on the rocks please.

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