Chilean Fjords

Whale Watching

Day 19: Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Found them again at 3:23 PM.

They go where we cannot follow.

Then, here he comes! ... What a surprise!

Perhaps he's as curious about us as we are about him.
I wonder how long he really is.

They're cruisin' behind the ship!

We started taking this series of pictures at 2:49, and this last one was taken at 3:37. So, we followed those whales for 48 minutes! I don't know how well people do on whale watching boats, but this must be some kind of a record, especially for a cruise ship staying with whales that long. Our thanks to Captain Mercer for letting it happen.

All of these pictures and many of the others on this Web site were taken from the balcony outside our stateroom on the ship. If we would have had to take time to go to the public decks, we would have missed some good shots. For this reason we feel a room with a veranda is worth the price even though we may not ever lounge there during the cruise.

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