Puerto Montt, Chile

Day 20: Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Puerto Montt Fishing Village

There's not a lot going on here at 7:25 on a Wednesday morning.

7:26 AM: Your Taxi Is Waiting

Soon people will gather for the first channel crossing of the morning.

The flag seems to be one in the line to mark the extent of the high tide.

Below: Now each boat is beached or tied. But, soon they will be on the bay searching for something to catch.

With this variety of boat colors, can you see the people of La Boca, the poor Italian neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina, carrying home the surplus to paint their houses in a rainbow of colors?

A Most Colorful Fleet.

They look us over on the way out to the bay.

Today we will take a tour north to Puerto Varas & Frutillar, towns on Lake Llanquihue, settled by German immigrants beginning in the mid-1800s. First we'll see some scenes of Puerto Montt as we take to the highway.

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