Puerto Montt, Chile

On The Road

Day 20: Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Eucalyptus Trees Line Highway Leaving Frutillar.

Cattle Country

The highway back to Puerto Montt crosses rolling croplands and cattle pastures. European-style farm houses dot the landscape. These farmers seem to live on the land rather than commute from nearby towns.

1:20 PM: Back On The Dock ...

... llama poses while his owner takes a picture — for a fee.

Click this link for more information about Chile's Lake Region. A regional map is included.

We'll leave Puerto Montt with the lady and the llama. Tomorrow will be spent at sea on the Pacific Ocean. One brief page ( rated < 17 sec. @ 28.8 bps ) will show you just what Vasco Nez de Balboa, the first european to reach this ocean, must have seen when he reached the western shore of what is now Panama. And what prompted the Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellen, to give this ocean the name "Pacifica" (meaning peaceful).

After our day at sea we will arrive and disembark at the port, Valparaiso, and go approximately 80 miles by motorcoach to the capital, Santiago. Come along and enjoy.

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