Valparaiso, Chile


Day 22: Friday, January 25, 2002

Photo by Dan & Barbara O'Brien

City View From MS Ryndam at the Dock

Photo by Dan & Barbara O'Brien

The Valparaiso Cruise Line Dock

The lines of small black boxes behind the crane are actually a few pieces of our luggage.
A few of the tour busses that will take the approximately 1200 Ryndam passengers to Santiago and later to the airport form lines in the parking lot.

Photo by Dan & Barbara O'Brien

Disembarkation Begins on the Dock

Most of the passengers were not be concerned with their luggage until arrival at the airport in the evening. Most of this luggage was loaded in the eighteen-wheeler trucks backed to
the area. Some of the people milling about seem to be passengers who have plans
different than the majority of us. Upon arrival at the Santiago airport that
evening, our luggage was all loaded on a luggage cart, and a porter was
waiting to take us to the proper line for check in. This is
the way cruise luggage should be handled.

In San Juan, Puerto Rico,
after a cruise through the Panamal Canal,
we faced a warehouse full of unsorted luggage.
We had to identify ours in order for it to be loaded on
our bus to the airport! The efficiency of luggage handling at the
end of a cruise seems to have more to do with the port than the cruise line.

Photo by Dan & Barbara O'Brien

Our Chilean Greeters

Reminiscent of scenes at docks in Hawaii and Costa Rica, we were serenaded upon arrival.

Photo by Dan & Barbara O'Brien

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