Montevideo, Uruguay

The Docks

Day 5: Monday, January 8, 2002

The Loading of Provisions.

8:30 AM: Executive Chef John Mulvaney visits with some of the other officers as he supervises the loading of foodstuffs.

A few beverage cases are loaded.

The Montevideo docks are well equiped with every aid to the workers.

They didn't supply the ship in Rio de Janeiro because too much is stolen off the docks. Too bad. Rio is a city with huge number of people in poverty. But the crime rate is so high that they miss a lot of the business that could help with that high unemployment rate. So, our ship buys supplies in Montevideo instead.

If they don't find a way to curb it, the city is headed for some very serious problems.

Containers of goods to be loaded on ms Ryndam.

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