The City of Suzhou

Tour Day 16: Sunday, May 6, 2001

The Pan Men City Water Gate

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More Coal Barges On The Canal.

There's another bridge like the one that serves as our observation platform in the middle distance near the right side of the picture. The semi-circle opening is outlined in dark gray.

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The Pan Men City Gate

This is what we came here to see. If you have seen the Xi'An pictures you well recognize a section of the ancient city wall with a grassy park at its base across the background of the picture. A lovely little foot bridge crosses the canal which passes through the arched gate in the city wall. This is a water gate of the city wall. And that is either a drum or bell tower above. This is a place that the ancient walled city controlled canal traffic in and out of the city.

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Here's another view of the canal.

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Back To the Fruit Market.

Here's a link to a Suzhou Web site showcasing the Pan Men City Gate supplied by our correspondent, Gavin Wang, a Suzhou native. Unfortunately, the site doesn't seem to have an English language version, but the pictures are well worth the trip.

We'll board the bus and head for the #1 Silk Factory.

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