ms Rotterdam

Cabin 6142

Monday, April 11, 2005

The End of the Bed (room)

The television sits in a cabinet at the end of the desk/dresser.
The hall door is at left center with the closets adjacent and across from the bathroom.
Since we hadn't yet received our bags, we left the luggage mats in place to protect the bedding.

The Desk/Dresser

There are storage drawers here and a full-size mirror along with a makeup mirror with a magnifying side. Behind the ice bucket there are a couple of light switches and an electrical outlet. It is the right size and capacity for US appliances. We used that one to charge camera batteries and use any other electrical appliances we had with us. The back of the lounge chair on the veranda is visable through the window.


At left is a hide-a-bed love seat which is as comfortable as those things are and there's a chair and a stool. Those can double as foot stools if you're sitting for a while. The table is just barely large enough to hold a breakfast tray from room service. On the right is part of the veranda and lounge chair with two pads for some reason. The extra was removed eventually. The veranda is tiny, but has a small cocktail table and another chair. The size didn't matter for this cruise because we just used it for sightseeing. We didn't eat breakfast or lounge out there as we would if the weather were warm..

The bed was comfortable.

And the bedding was new and up-to-date. No bedspread had to be stored at night.
The bath robes (hanging on hooks on the far wall) were new and a great improvement over what was supplied on the Ryndam three years ago.

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