Cavtat, Croatia

On the Dalmatian Coast

Photos by Pat Tyler
Thursday, April 28th 2005

Mausoleum On Hill - 042805-1110a
Photo by Pat Tyler

Bogosic Family Mausoleum

Count Baltazar Bogosic was a co-founder of Croatian Academy of Arts & Sciences.
The mausoleum itself is a perfect example in sculpture of sacral art that was designed and constructed by the famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. Pictures indicate it would have been worth a trip up the hill to see the building. The Baltazar Bogisic art collection is on display at the 16th century palace that was his home.

Photo by Pat Tyler

Cavtat Harbor and the Adriatic Sea

Cavtat was once the ancient Roman town of Epidaurium which was plundered by Avars. Refugees fleeing the plundered Epidaurium founded Dubrovnik sometime in the 7th century. Cavtat has many reminders of its ancient history that can be viewed today. Some of these include Roman sanctuaries, a theatre and Mithra's sanctuaries.

This pretty port attracts divers with some interesting shipwrecks that can tell many a story.


Photo by Pat Tyler

Photo by Pat Tyler

Resort Hotel Peeks Through Trees

We were told that this is a favorite vacation spot for Italians
because the water here is so clean and clear.

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