Dubrovnik, Croatia

Franciscan Monastery

Photos by Pat Tyler on Thursday, April 28th
and Gertrude Meyer on Sunday, May 8, 2005.

Black Smith Shop-050805-928a
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

A Collection Housed In The Old Pharmacy

In the past, the local black smith supplied all the metal products used by a community. Today we know them as the craftsmen who mostly shoe the horses. The black smith was an essential member of the community, in the days of yore, of equal or higher status thatn the physician. He made the nails, the metal pots, the hinges, door handles, andirons, etc, etc, etc.

Pieces For Restoration - 050805-928a
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Pre-Earthquake Relics

The new Baroque church was built after the 1667 earthquake. The monastery also compries a picturesque Renaissance chapter house, the famous library, the musical archives, the old pharmacy dating dating back to 1317, and a rich treasury. It contains paintings and pieces of art in silver and gold made by local and foreign masters.

Street - Franciscan Monastery - 042805-746a
Photo by Pat Tyler

Placa beside monastery

Fragment Of Ancient Bible - 050805-928a
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Page From Ancient Bible
The Placa or Stradun
The Old Town's main street is an almost 1000 feet long pedestrian mall, and it runs between the Pile and Ploce gates. It follows the line of the channel that once divided the town into two parts. The street came into being in the 12th century, was paved in 1468, and reconstructed after the earthquake of 1667. The limestone pavement, polished by use, shines like glass after rain. The houses on each side, though preserving an ancient ground plan, also date from the 17th century. The shops mostly have the characteristic na koljeno combined door and counter. The na koljeno consists of a door and window in a single frame spanned by a by a semicircular arch. The door was kept closed and goods handed over the sill, which served as a counter — a Dutch door.

Photo by Pat Tyler

White Stone Street and White Stone Buildings.

All this white stone makes for a rather warming experience.

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