Museum at The Roman Baths
Photos © Pat Tyler Wednesday, May 4, 2005

The baths were part of a larger complex that included a temple.

This model illustrates the complex as archaeologists believe it was arranged.
The building at the far left of the picture above (or center below) sheltered the Great Bath, and the barrel-roofed building to the right housed the Sacred Spring. The smaller square building with columns in the front was a temple to the goddess Minerva. The Romans associated this goddess with the Greek goddess Athena. She is sometimes referred to as Athena Minerva. There was also a circular temple called a Tholos (below left) some distance in front of the low rectangular building adjacent to the wall perpendicular to the one housing the Sacred Spring.


Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom

The Gorgon's Head

The gilt bronze head of the goddess Sulis Minerva is one of the best known objects from
Roman Britain. Its discovery in 1727 was an early indication that the Roman site at
Bath was not a typical settlement. Gilt bronze sculptures are rare finds from
Roman Britain as only two other fragments are known.


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