The Grand Canal

Day 19: Friday, April 29, 2005
Photos by Pat Tyler and Gertrude Meyer

Palaces Line The Grand Canal.
Notice that most of the mooring poles in this picture are painted rust and black. A couple on the right are painted light blue with a yellow stripe near the top. These painting styles and colors indicate the owners of the poles, and the parking spaces identified by them.
This is similar to the horse racing custom that the jockey wears the owner's silks.
That is, he wears a shirt colored and decorated in the horse owner's style.

Accademia Bridge

Only three bridges cross the Grand Canal. This is the first one encountered traveling up the canal from Piazza San Marco. Built as a single arch in wood, the bridge takes its name from the nearby Academy of Fine Arts (Accademia delle Belle Arti) which houses in its galleries an important collection of Venetian paintings.


Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Ornate Palazzo or Palace

These huge and elaborate palaces testify to the tremendous wealth of the Venetian Republic.

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