Southern Ocean

Elephant Island

Day 11: Monday, January 14, 2002

Photo by Dan O'Brien

Barbara O'Brien Views from Crows Nest.

Photo by Dan & Barbara O'Brien

Land Ho!

We are most grateful to the O'Briens for these pictures. Thinking light would be in sufficient, we left the cameras in the cabin when we went to the Crows Nest to watch our approach to the island.

We got our first glimpses of Elephant Island about 10:30 p.m.
The last opportunity to make landfall before drifting into the open Atlantic Ocean,
this island was crucial in the survival of Shackelton and his crew.

Photo by Dan & Barbara O'Brien

Elephant Island

This hostile rock has almost no places for a boat to land and no beaches. Shackelton and his men found a landing spot where they could get above the high tides for a camping place. To stay alive they killed a few seals and penguins. They said that penguins are definitely not the preferred food.

Photo by Dan & Barbara O'Brien

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